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hether you’re a self-made business owner, service professional, senior executive, or real estate focused investor, you can find confidence, opportunity, and vitality by developing an income stream you won’t outlive, mitigating tax, managing risk, protecting your wealth, and taking care of the people and causes you love. Second 50 Financial specializes in designing personalized lifetime income plans that will support your future and create the potential for more opportunities to enjoy your Second 50 years than you ever thought possible.

  • Self-Made Business Owner
  • Service Professional
  • Senior Executive
  • Real Estate Focused Investor
  • High revenue and high spending; often many expenses paid by the business
  • Hard to imagine a future without the business you built
  • Taxes tend to drive the important retirement and investment decisions
  • Worried about supporting the lifestyle you and your family want when your business income stops
  • Love what you do and have no plans to stop working; rarely know if or when work will be optional
  • High revenue, high spending; often many expenses paid by the business
  • Practice or business is “owner driven” – difficult to value, sell, or exit without proactive planning
  • Worried about supporting the lifestyle you want when your business income stops.
  • Significant assets in retirement plans, not enough attention given to portfolios; especially in the Second 50 years of life
  • Worried about making Important decisions around your appreciated, concentrated stock holdings and/or stock options
  • May want to retire early but anxious about supporting lifestyle without secure paychecks and bonuses
  • Corporate mergers and layoffs create “surprise retirement” or anxiety about finding similarly compensated position
  • Lack of liquidity and advanced strategy for keeping or selling properties in relation to your needs and goals
  • Unsure of actual return of yield on real estate holdings
  • Rent not optimized to keep up with inflation affecting income stream and property value
  • Little proactive planning for utilizing properties to support desired lifestyle when other income stops

How We Help

Lifestyle Preservation Planning™

Lifestyle Preservation Planning™ is a proprietary process developed by Second 50 financial. Our process has evolved over the last 20 years as we realized that the goals and dreams for the second 50 years of life are changing. There is a greater focus on supporting your lifestyle as business income stops or reduces, mitigating taxes, protecting/preserving your wealth, helping family members and maximizing charitable intent. We design strategies that are monitored and adjusted as life requires with the support of a carefully assembled team of professionals because in today’s world it’s almost impossible to do this alone.

Using our interactive software, you’ll be guided through different scenarios to discover what dreams are financially viable for your future. Building on this personalized action plan, we will define an ongoing strategy to preserve your lifestyle, connect you with a network of professional services, and help you take advantage of everything a 21st century retirement has to offer.

Our complimentary consultation includes a full review of your goals, data, and risk tolerance, including a comprehensive analysis of your investments.

Financial Planning is offered for a flat fee with no requirements to engage our investment management services.

Wealth Management

Protect the future of your investments. Guided by the Second 50 Financial Core Principles and supported by our partnership with Ashton Thomas, develop a portfolio that opens the door to the bigger, better future of your dreams.

The Ashton Thomas Wealth Management Approach

    Much like building a complex structure, an effective portfolio requires thought, time, technical acumen, and a proper understanding of the landscape. Your Portfolio Blueprint is unique to your household’s needs and desired outcomes, but employs knowledge, experience, and resources from a range of proven sources. Ashton Thomas integrates past, current, and future market trend data in our approach to constructing portfolios. Your wealth advisor incorporates your full financial picture to ensure you have access to the solutions your financial objectives require.
    At Ashton Thomas, we provide your advisor with access to a wide array of institutional asset management strategies and styles. We have the tools to address your investment needs in the changing global market and economic landscape. From passive global asset allocators, to active tactical risk managers, to liquid hedge funds, your diverse needs are covered. To keep things simple, you can often hold multiple managers or investment strategies in one convenient account registration, instead of having multiple accounts in multiple places. This makes tracking your progress less cumbersome, freeing you up to focus more on your outcomes, instead of recordkeeping or tracking individual investments.
    Your Portfolio Blueprint enables you and your advisor to look at your financial objectives and your risk tolerance over time—elements which are derived from your Wealth Blueprint. This knowledge of your financial situation is then combined with appropriate diversification strategies and investment tools to match your varied investment objectives. As markets shift and life changes occur, we assist your advisor in proactively make updates to your portfolio to ensure you stay on course and keep in line with the requirements of your Wealth Blueprint.
    Collaboration is a guiding force at Ashton Thomas. Spearheaded by experienced investment professionals, including CFA® charter holders, our Asset Allocation Team is here to work with your wealth advisor and keep you on track. Your advisor and our qualified team work hard to ensure your Portfolio Blueprint is tailored to your specific needs based on the latest research, critical thinking, and investment tools available.
    As with your financial plan, no two Portfolio Blueprints are exactly alike. We employ the latest technology and critical thinking to provide you with focused, bespoke solutions. Regular market updates, 24/7 access to your portfolio, and leading-edge investment tools ensure you stay connected to your money. This means more energy to focus on working toward your dreams and more time to spend with the ones you love.

Professional Team Coordination

Often, the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. Coordinating with your other professionals is crucial in optimizing the success of your financial plan. We will coordinate the various experts you need such as tax advisors and attorneys, so that we all are working on your behalf as an intentional team.