Who We Are

We give highly successful individuals the confidence to retire while providing them with the potential for more financial freedom and opportunity than they ever thought possible in their Second 50 years of life.

Our Vision

We want to show you a way to envision your second 50 years of life through planning, preparing and exploring what might be possible. A new game plan that answers 2 essential questions: How do I financially manage this time in my life? and What do I really want now? Let’s reinvent the old mindsets of living in your second fifty starting with a plan for financial confidence that allows you to then consider new opportunities to be explored with more vitality and better health.

Our Mission

We believe financial planning and investment management has to evolve and become more expansive, offering more resources for a bigger, better future for people over the age of 50. As the world changes on an exponential level, market uncertainty and longevity are playing a bigger role in investing for income distribution than ever before in history. We see beyond paradigms of ageing and open the door to a new level of 21st century strategic planning and solutions.

Our Values

Everyone deserves to thrive in their Second 50 years. At Second 50 Financial, we are committed to providing a personalized plan for financial opportunity that lets you focus on the things that matter most to you. Our expert team thrives on finding collaborative solutions that empower you to meet your Second 50 years with confidence.

Our Team

Kathleen Adams headshot 2021-square


Founding Partner | Financial Advisor


Kathleen Adams CFP®, CPWA® brings over 20 years of financial planning experience to the unique Lifestyle Preservation Planning ™ process as the founder of Second 50 Financial.

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David Swift headshot-square


Founding Partner | Financial Advisor


David Swift, CIMA®, has more than 12 years of experience in investment analysis and financial planning strategy to develop sound and enduring financial advice.

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Katie ONeill headshot-square


Chief Operations Officer


Katie O’Neill handles business operations and manages the financial planning process for our clients.

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Lisa Morig headshot-square


Chief Administrative Officer


Lisa Morig manages Second 50 Financial client operations and service.

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CFP® | AIF® | CDFA® | Ashton Thomas Director of Financial Planning


As Ashton Thomas’s Director of Financial Planning, Karen McDade brings her 25 years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®).

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CFP® | Ashton Thomas Director of Advanced Planning


As Ashton Thomas’s Director of Advanced Planning, Murray Smith brings his 25 years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®).

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CFP® | CFA® | AIF® | Ashton Thomas Chief Investment Strategist


As Ashton Thomas’s Chief Investment Strategist, Jay Penney brings his 35 years of experience to offer holistic, customized wealth management solutions.

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CFA® | CAIA® | Ashton Thomas Director of Investments and Trading


As Ashton Thomas’s Director of Investments and Trading, Adam Hoffman brings his 13 years of experience and entrepreneurial spirit to monitoring the financial markets and economic trends, interfacing with third-party money managers, and overseeing trading functions.

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Ashton Thomas Private Wealth

Our Partners in Your Success

At Ashton Thomas, we want to think differently about wealth management, challenge the status quo, and constantly push for reinvention. We believe that success is not an entitlement and that it has to be earned every day. Ashton Thomas thrives not just because of our investment advice, but because we’re at our best when we are creating enduring relationships and personal connections. We succeed by creating an experience that comes to life, in large part because of how we treat our employees, how we treat our advisors, how we treat our clients, and how we give back to communities. Our core values of independence, excellence, integrity, and respect form the foundation of everything that we do and allow us to help put your wealth and life in harmony.

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